Friday, May 30, 2008

giant little animals to feed & sing

man, eating

my fridge is looking a bit busier than usual thanks to the many guests i've had lately (cooking is difficult to cook for one): this feels good

we had a big lunch: i was craving meat so i made gargantuan bison burgers: i also made a carrot and beet salad & a yogurt, red onion, & cucumber salad: shazaam!

spinach in the car with nice light

something that ought to be obvious, but isn't these days



there was a water problem at m's garden/house: r. had to find someone to dam up the canal

c. & t.b.

boise is finally treating me well: i was on my way home & heard some lap-steel and harmonica bellowing out the door of the lux: i get waived in (again, not asked to pay a cover charge...people seem to like me, i guess?) and caught a great show: sera cahoone & grand archives: yes & yes

e, a, & r. singing at the v.a.c. for a bicycle benefit: wow: they sounded like soft petals clicking in perfect harmony

talk of k. with her painting above: i look at the river a banana skin falls from my hand: just after reading a.m.g.'s excellent book "arousing notoriety"

c. made it up to boise for a night: always eating well with her

Monday, May 26, 2008

boise's many species

her eyes read, "stop right there, mister"

there was a clean diaper in a clean swath of green shubbery

upon entering the zoo, a. expressed that her only desire was to see a kid on a leash, as it seemed only fitting: we cage animals, right?: lo & behold, we didn't need to go far: this tyke had a monkey on his back (o, & he already feels the weight!): like most monkeys on backs, the parents definitely played a part getting it there: this kid could have had a brutal first few years that led him down the path he wanders now: fortunately, his parents are well aware of his situation: dad is never a tail-length away

father & son: & leash & monkey

this is the smallest & ugliest plastic carousel i have ever seen: it is a disgrace to the carousel community: someone ought to slip a wrench into those gears

notice the haughty male

a. peeping

animals sliding down animals

photo op with the wild animals

ain't much possible without pepsi! where would we be?

i can't imagine what could have happened

if the color almost matches

a. is slightly disappointed to find how vegan-unfriendly boise is

e. made a rare public appearance: he is leaving for new york at the end of the summer to go to school @ columbia: pat him on the back if you see him: though he might hit for this

this gyro did not save the day

lunch with a.: also known as m.

not sure why, but this alley was calling

this package of "pork sausage" was found on the walk home the afternoon: funny thing is, i don't think there is a Kroger grocery store within a thousand miles of boise

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

pocatello, id!

though you can't quite see it, there was a massive windstorm taking place that forced me off the highway

we all ate well: homemade tortillas: veggie stuff: cucumber & red onion & yogurt concoction: etc. etc. etc.

c. was busy playing

i was worried the ice cream was melting too fast

c. is far too excited for ice cream & beer floats

my rig puts out 3 bike-power

montana flashback

pocatello IS electric!

bro & sis in front of the WOW building

$6 as is, o.b.o.

79 cent pregnancy test in a discount store?: fortunately we both passed the test with flying colors

p.: photogenic

westwood discount!

after 2 years in chile c. still looks 12 & i still

ridin' with c.

so many great old signs in pocatello

i couldn't decide where to sit

best soup joint in the entire world: my secret

re-modeling living quarters and artists studios in the old power plant that is now the home of pocatello free bikes and c.s.a. community garden (we planted raspberries!)

there isn't yet running water

pokey free bikes is housed in an old power plant: it used to be run like an old lighthouse: living quarters up these scary stairs

forks, anyone?

back room of pokey free bikes

the surplus @ pokey free bikes

c.'s newly planted garden protected from all but groundhogs

this is a part of the world's first ever cleaning supply museum