Saturday, March 29, 2008

seattle #2


c. & a.

thank you sir, may i have another?

1 liter beers: 2 is more than enough, thank you



concrete ducks

playin' in windows

for me

for biffer

brandon would be proud

french toast

sunny day in seattle





a. & the bay (will flip later)


corking some special sauce

Friday, March 28, 2008

seattle: part 1

goose in a window

e. & a. politely posing

front & back

an exceptional breakfast: rye toast: amazing potato medley

for brian: yes, a statue of lenin in seatle: & it is for sale: $200,000 or best offer

i was always "on the bus"


snow? in seattle?


for my sister anne

went diving (will flip photos later)

merman & maid

live creatures

i found nemo

my diving partner

feeding time

a. riding the fin of an orca in the sound

this is a really sexy building sit: (will flip later)

there was a point to this photo, but the person who took the picture didn't really get it


found some old photos

mussels @ ivars

a. stopped by the chocolate factory to glean some goods from the dumpster: according to her, "it wasn't quite tempered right"

no need to comment: cool

cherry blossoms on a's street