Sunday, November 30, 2008

every other thing at once

a.'s birthday entourage post-mexican feast

i do like horses

e. trying to make it look like something

i'm not quite sure

someone left a pumpkin pie at my door the night before thanksgiving: i was a happy boy

work was a bit slow the other night: i had to resort to something: @ the request of my boss to my right

i went to visit my neighbor, e., in her new apartment: she finally has lots of places to put things

i wonder if e. has ever lived in a place with so little on the walls: it all looks very nice


a.m.g. brought christmas early this year

she thinks pretty hard about these things: exactly what i've wanted for quite a while

my alley was hard to find this morning: not really sure why i was even looking for it


found 2 great albums this morning: neil young, on the beach & the national, boxer

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

as many/ as many

not sure if listening to this on repeat is working to my great benifit or detriment

a little bit sad that i might potentially be spending my thanksgiving alone staring at this scene for the next 5 days: i haven't been to montana in one year (today): i'm not sure if all this is a result of me being a. responsible, b. disorganized, c. self-pitying, d. overwhelmed, e. level-headed, f. motivated, or g. steffen: regardless, i feel like throwing myself into violent waves & then walking to the nearest diner in my wet clothes & ordering 42 orders of biscuits & sausage gravy

@ "thai cuisine" they call these things "golden bags": i couldn't resist

c. & a.m.g leg wrestling: what ever happened to board games?

i am here


this kind of reminds me of high school

a. & c. having it out

trouble ahead


c. made it the whole night

though both can sing i'm not sure either can play a lick

a.k. looking darker than usual

at long last: i've been waiting for this beauty: thanks, mom: nice thick pages


went to the restaurant supply store for no good reason at all

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the days ramp away


in the cube

i was under-dressed for such a nice bathroom

new meets old

obamica on the sidewalk

me man


giant camera

e. somehow manages to unknowingly collect catchup in the oddest places when eating








somewhere in g.g.





for sale



steel is still cool

a polite match




almost destitute

lion: dog

e. coaxing the concrete


all claws

e. ready to give up outside the jewish museum


cowboy hat just out of view

not muzak


b. shimoda's first book: buy it: the alps: very very proud