Sunday, October 26, 2008

& the pines shake their hoarse weight

it is autumn

there was a bomb scare in boise: the cops all appeared to be very excited

attempting to go to the bathroom @ work and found this guy blocking the way: a friend of his was taking pictures of him in the hallway: i asked if i could take pictures too: it seemed like the right way to go about things at the time: he wasn't nice or mean about it: i think he is wearing a crucifix

i was cooking and then suddenly awash in nostalgia for antwerp, m.n., & his grandmother & our lovely belgium grocery trips for beer & cheese

k. & a. came over for some soup



i went to church: but only to listen to the music: k. & bassoon @ the first performance of his woodwinds quintet

all the leaves have left this tree

i seem to enjoy people & tables: people sitting @ tables: people sitting @ tables & eating

someone already wrote my biography

h.p.: those trees cast a pretty mean shadow

Sunday, October 19, 2008

one only needs enough

the death of print media?

a.k. reading his own translation from the french @ the first mouth and thistle reading of the year

E. G. O. (english graduate organization) meeting

a. joined me for a plate of oysters

this pumpkin was in a coffee shop

up there

s.a.b. in the good seat with banana

white alarm

margot may-berry in a box

a.m.g. in the good seat

another pumpkin

so many of these all around town: this one @ the co-op

terrible picture of the best soup i've ever made: butternut squash, apples, onion & secret ingredients

roasted butternut squash

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

a tree so tall it could topple each house on the block

boise didn't look so bad while riding to work


this guy was getting a head start on halloween: i had him pose for me: he took direction well




picture of a.m.g. not eating

i've been on a month-long record-buying binge: very good for the mind: not so good for the money



flame hat: (witnessed on eagle rd. @ stop light)

lighting up a smoke while on motorcycle: one hand gloved, one un-gloved

and the pants to boot: they match the hat and motorcycle

the whole picture

Saturday, October 11, 2008

pump yer brakes, st.

not since 1989

laundry broke & i was left

red shoes = magic

scaffold: yes


i think i can

again &


muybridge: leland stanford

winter in october with flowers: snow looming

a.m.g. is ready for her winter: gloves so giving

my red shoes

an assertion

s. sexy

someone has a pumpkin in the oven

surprise! morning!

c. decided to take on his bike one night: the bike won (cosmetically)

d. berman: silver jews: yes


these crazy isralese were on the bar at the lux