Tuesday, July 29, 2008

attitude of supplication

you must click on this one and enlarge it to see why it is so odd: mountains of meat with trees made of parsley?

there was a turtle at work!

turtle food

vegan-lemon-poppy-seed cupcakes

a.m.g. displaying picnic goods

mouths full of fun

north star: of sorts

a garden

fresh from a garden

i traded my old computer for an older computer: it is the opposite of swiss

new digs

Monday, July 21, 2008

parol, peril, parole

the chef

halibut cooked in homemade salsa verde and other accoutrements for fish tacos


my first homemade vegetable stock



a two person boat

our swan

a.m.g. mocking?


a duckling

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

picture of the labyrinth

big lunch of honey & dill glazed salmon with a pine nut cranberry rice

finished desk: there are at least three different woods here, hence the discoloration

top of re-finished desk finally complete


a.m.g. circa 1972

they don't take american express

there is something very wrong and something very attractive about this

meltdown in k-mart

hands of light

this is for g. in montana

found some underwear on the sidewalk saturday morning

Sunday, July 13, 2008

that time of the year

4th of july

t. with a tiny creation

pizzas @ n.'s

someone tossing dough

only the finest ingredients in one of the sexiest kitchens in town

earlier in the day, a. (yes, everyone from michigan who has transplanted to boise has a name that begins with a.) creating a potentially dangerous situation for the both of us

c.'s foot & b.'s head

j. was there to enforce the 4th

4th of july: a.b.'s head: table

one ought to lend a hamm on the 4th of july

a. playing frisbee (soul-mate/frisbee partner not pictured)

mr. powers was in rare, very rare, form on the 4th: pickle juice?

al capone sweets?: smoking?

who's this guy?

& who are those people?

there were about 150 VW's in the streets of boise prior to going to work on friday night

someone got a hold of the camera and began snapping away: this is the reason i don't have a laptop: breakfast is not the right time for computers