Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ of sparrows Help me!


a. reading the poems about the taxidermist & his trophy wife

intent: last open house @ the studio


found a finger

like family: o, dear lord

k. & a.m.g.


m. most likely talking to p. while a.m.g. looks on

a. & k.s. making a party

m.c-s. & mr. s.

m's head, j.h.p., m.c-s. & k.s. (random kids in the background)


so rarely green

who's that?

& yes

heavy water

hillside sprouting elk

j.h.p. & m.c-s.

my nearest and dearest came out for some fun after my first reading


a., l., r., & a.m.g.

the easter funny

hip-hop in boise?

real eggs

resembling a deer

a., me, a.m.g., k-train, a-caboose

the breakfast spread: fruit, potatoes, curry sauce, bacon, omelets with spinach/feta/mushroom/saffron, coffee, orange juice, beer, etc.

quite the cover: e. will hold on to it for dear life

i've got them & thus couldn't resit