Saturday, September 27, 2008

likably suspect

a. drove all the way from montana just to put that smile on my face

s.b. & a.m.g.

trees sunbathing

hot springs

almost comatose

three hour tour (click on this one to make it bigger...well, because sometimes bigger is cooler)

who's that handsome man?: & why does his head look like a globe?

light settling nicely on the old burn

for j. & r.: all the way from crown heights, brooklyn

oh, la la: a. was participating in the mountain woman bikini hatchet throwing competition: she was the only representative from montana

c. looking like a lifeguard: one whose last name begins with an H.

my driving was making people sick so we had to take a breather on the side of the rode


breakfast with friends

yellow watermellon: seeds & all

a. came all the way from montana to show idaho how to make the best fruit bowls in town

someone took something out on a plant


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

suspending the rabbit's death cry

went out with my friend s. on monday: she has cowgirl boots!: only g. in montana has better boots

r., t., & j. in town from nyc came to visit me while i worked: it was slow so we had time for some self-portraits


i wish they never left

someone left this for me: at this point, though, i could care less about the elephant: i actually needed the dollar

k. & m.

a.m.g. eating a sammy

the "co-op" here doesn't even have reusable utensils: wtf


if i worked at this restaurant i would want to be the fruit person: they do such a nice job

r. sizing up the plate

t. & k.

j., my head, t's. chest, k. & the table

j. & t. in boise (capitol hazy in the background)


it rained for the first time in months

e. & t. @ dinner

r. & me, affectionately

chickens & kids

dinosaur on the horizon

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

knowing the gnat's growing pains

captain sidwell downtown

they are constructing a prefab structure by my house: the two cranes from my last post gave birth to a third: her name is bessie (pictured a few pics down)





bessie has the yellow arm

this is another building downtown: they were attaching these concrete panels about 26 stories up



the structure down the street: bessie in the middle

i try not to frequent my place of work but occasionally i give in: & this is how i am treated: special glass and organic grapes

received this book in the mail today: it was in perfect shape (see below)


the book came in this box that had a "fragile" sticker attached: finally someone is thinking! no bent corners or scratches: showing respect for an object that deserves nothing less


picnic: life has been a bit out of focus lately

apparently i cut myself "shaving"

every year i find new reason to hate and renewed abhorrence/disgust for halloween: this year, a month ahead of schedule, i found this

m.mb meditating with her nose against the frame

dinner with a friend


this poor drunken fellow made the mistake of trying to talk to a bunch of us who weren't having any of it: his hat was initially blank: somehow n. got a hold of it and wrote the lovely message that you see: the gentleman was unable to keep his eyes steady enough to read it himself, but he seemed proud none-the-less: since i work in a bar a few nights a week i have stopped worrying about giving drunk people a hard time about something they surely won't remember the next day

everyone insisted on posing with the stranger

just like old-time friends