Sunday, August 31, 2008

a something sunday

something terrible started to happen when i tried to wash this plate about 2 months ago

a.m.g. actually owns tennis shoes: & she wears them: but apparently only on out of town adventures: there is even a sock


bathroom before teaching a class: it has been a while since i last snapped a self-portrait in a public bathroom

depot up close

on the way to work: depot in the distance

there is some great construction going on down the street from me: big machines: rebar: concrete


a lot a steel

this is by far the best last minute pasta sauce i've ever whipped up: one giant heirloom tomato, capers, a bit of balsamic, sugar, onion, love, water, & yellow peper

Thursday, August 21, 2008

more nostalgia

boise '07

montana '06




montana '07






montana '04


boise '07

montana '05





carrousel acquaintance


boise '08

@ gunpoint

we shop @ the same discount store?

i was, officially, working

a.m.g. in front of quinn's

a.b. testifying: say, "testify!": crispin glover is going to take them down!

couscous with toasted pine nuts and fresh mint: what a waste

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one year ten days ago

turn of the last century, ancestors



august 2008

fall 2005

april 2005

july 2007


june 2006

Saturday, August 16, 2008

the elements of august

new school pants!

t. & a. (nothing meant by that odd coincidence) decided to have an arm wrestling match while i was at work: someone had his head in the clouds

serious faces

& defeat


a.m.g. icing the vegan-friendly carrot cake: new recipe!


r. & a. were not at all charmed by me on this particular day

right light @ the chinese restaurant


two very contemplative dinner table photos

a mountain of sour cream