Monday, March 30, 2009

featuring the babies of the cottonwoods

a.m.g. despondently

32nd reincarnation of a.k.

delight without lights

i mesh my fouled image of home

grist for the grindhouse

an easy anxiety nest set (firmly in the chest)

the good dr.: bruised but not battered

dressed in red


a free flan @ the basque market

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

idaho out

i hope this isn't indicative of anything: on the way to elko, nv




lots of ladies

not so subtle display of ignorance

cowboy by day

i like lights

cowboy by night

polar bear in nevada


on a roll


only in nevada

just like missoula

the rubies

a. & his new truck



we met these two guys on the road




birds on a wire

the rubies, again


flamboyant cow crossing signs

mexican pastry shaped like a pig

long ride home

the geography was showing my colors

if only

Sunday, March 22, 2009

pragmatic distaces of water

e. & the original a.

monique: we've been separated since the fetish party in missoula '03

found while browsing records

found: for a.m.g.

k. & a. made a colorful sunday breakfast

a.c. treated me

fire in the mountain

close up of m.c-s. & l.h.

far away

stoically eating

a.m.g. & a.n.

woke in the morning to find a message on a napkin in the trash: must have been profound at one point or another

l.h. displayed her hotel keys: spread out?