Saturday, April 26, 2008

my day with r.


m. already has greens growing

r. swinging

r. egg collecting

chicken house


found in albertsons

dead donkey


dinner potpourri

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NY #2

poor photo of my birthday dinner: duck confit with garbanzo beans & goodness


we had a photo session in a pretty rad bar: not sure what we were modeling other than ourselves

hand modeling & being happy together

e., drooling


r. & j's. chateau in crown heights

j., r., & i went to a discount store down the street in crown heights to buy beach towels and this was the only they had: really, there were no other towels for the beach: it says Puerto Rico above her head: i brought it home with me

when you turn 30 you get an extra hour each day

3 of the raddest people i know

brighton beach


j. looking almost as tough as the rest of the riff-raff on coney island

on the boardwalk

my date?

j. & the dirty atlantic

posing or contemplation?

e. & j. on the pier

outside the brooklyn museum

l. waiting for the f train into brooklyn

Friday, April 18, 2008

NY #1 (more to come)

j. turning away: the others: their backs

wall st. from the b.b.: people i don't know: that baby is scared:

b.b.: searching for hart crane's ghost: it is there: in that tiny lamp

b.b. with manhattan b. in the background

t. on the b.b.

industry: dinosaurs in silhouette

bacon shop?

directions that came with birth certificate

cheapest drinks in west village with the coolest guy in town: mr. t.

video of the song-&-dance forthcoming

k. & e.

no one was hurt

& someone has had too much



the pic started at 32 stories up: cool

they wouldn't take me

:::i tried:::

little egypt?

j., post telling me not to "nap in the bathroom": which became a serious problem for me: inquire for details

images from central park




bull for bo

balls of the bull for bo


a lady with a lady


1st try


wind made it blurry: did you know that you could see wind?

no one asked any questions


this is a proper library