Wednesday, December 24, 2008

it took 32 hours per mile

t. holding court

p. (mouth full): a. (sr.)

all - me

a. (jr.), t. & gmom

for my mom, being a grandmother simply means more toys

i always see something new when i return home: this was in the backyard: notice the rusting hammer: probably been there for years

i'm not sure what this door is doing here: been this way for years

i'd rather not ask where this came from

this was the garden that i made with my mom some years ago: half of it has since been relegated to the grand-kids for use as a sandbox: there appears to be a wheel from a car in the sandbox: again, it is best not to ask questions about such things

m. & b.

b. & b.


this was my second room: when i left home, it became something else: if anyone is curious about where my penchant for alcohol came from then this ought to suffice for an adequate answer: i hope to bring a.k. here someday, & let him stay in the room for a few weeks:

the following photos are a little jumbled in order

this is a part of a door panel that my dad & i picked up in santa fe when he took me to college in 1998: there are 8 carvings based on the kama sutra: it was a gift to my mother: made us all laugh

strangely phallic corkscrews

corks go here

photo of me with statue of dionysus in rome: dad on the left, somewhere else

brother in law and sister a. (sr.) putting together presents

testing presents on xmas eve

mom's bag collection

mom's toy collection: spider man & richie rich comics

mom's "workshop": there is a tractor seat in the left hand corner that i found on a roadside in montana & brought back for her knowing she would put it to good use

found this, apparently belonging to me: 1991-1992

my books still safe in the blue bins

i am staying in the odd room, my first room, that is perpetually going through changes: i am the only one that ever seems to venture into this lost corner of the house: i think my mom tried to make me feel @ home by making the room as strange as possible: it worked

mom's plans for the room written on the wall

very odd: i think i bought the pastel of the clown in paris when i was 15 or 16: how something so horrendous ended up in a frame, i'm not sure: though i am a bit touched that my mom actually held onto it: perhaps it was bought for this hang above my "guest bed" 15 years later

mom's license plate collection

this is for t. phillips

all of us: i am second from the left: the only boy: the only one looking @ the camera

corner of 16th & bannock, in boise: for a.m.g.



somehow it ended up in my basement:

on the way to dayton: this sign didn't help @ all

i enjoy this for obvious reasons

p. & t.: i am letting t. sleep with 2 of my prized lambs, pictured here: names, baby & mary

found an old high school t-shirt (luggage lost, for now) & took a portrait in the bathroom

my mom doesn't seem to buy soap or shampoo or lotion: she gets it all from hotels all around the world & stashes everything wherever there is space

this is the window i used to sit outside of and smoke cigarettes: my first childhood bedroom: the window has since been bricked-off: no one goes into this room anymore (same as the odd room above)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

filling folds with tiny sounds


a. setting some tumbleweed free

snow worked by wind

small lake


slight crack in the ice filled with sand

walking across ice: sand dune with some snow in the background

feather in the ice



climbing one of north america's highest sand dunes with a.



a. with sled in wind

a. is down there somewhere

billy idol


almost moving: you really see how high up we were in this photo



snow + sand + wind

a. walking the spine: it is a lot higher & steeper than it appears here

it may have been 5 degrees

a. had sand everywhere: i don't think he will ever get it out of his ear

on ice

v. & i went to k.'s after work for some breakfast: the dog looked on