Saturday, January 24, 2009

imitation of home (how do you like my little boat?)

taking a shower the other day, i noticed the number of luffas i own: not certain why i never noticed before: there are more than usual: most probably came from my mother: every package i've received from her in the past year has contained a luffa



margot: one of the few cats i've ever let into my life

snooping through someone's apartment, i find gifts that i gave & forgot about

found this in the kitchen

this was the front of the postcard

j.r.a. & a.m.g.

e., lovingly

an other's bathroom

with another postcard from me: clifford still: perhaps one of my favorites

(more pictures of london forthcoming: mostly cranes: mechanical)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

general old asylum factory told

london bridges still standing

found a bamboo forest in the old tate

somewhere in soho

a lot of london is empty

l. & z. in one of those black cabs

took this from the top of a moving double-decker bus: sometimes need the later to make it through the former

he, he: saw these two bright and early one saturday morning: both with shiny leggings that seem to be all the rage here: the one on the left has her high heels in her left hand: i'm sure the outfits made so much more sense the night before

found on underground: "that it will never come again is what makes life so sweet" -emily dickinson: "there's probably no god. now stop worring and enjoy your life"

out my window: spent a week near grasmere: wordsworth country

i ate dinner across from these two fellas

out my window: blue


there are small mountains back there


my walk took me to someone's backyard: a tree growing from the chimney

when i first realized i was lost

goes on like this forever

lost, i ask the water which way


maybe like the moon up top

there's water down there: i can't imagine what it looks like on a sunny day

i was ill prepared for the fells: wet converse

this little guy followed me for a bit

the only way


croquet: ha, but no one to play

proper garden

take heed

back in london: these steps led directly to the thames (all that blackness is water)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

100 & counting

american gothic

the bean

i went walking onto lake m.

k. blue


zoo carousel

found my way home

this is where i spent most of my misguided youth

playthings abound: g.

the garage

keeping warm

no comment

m. in her goat coat

the n. household believes in outdoor refrigeration throughout the winter months

m. & b.

doing the ukrainian thing

@ m.'s