Wednesday, June 25, 2008

off to the races

i can't go anywhere without finding a child on a leash: i am no longer even surprised, though increasingly adept at snapping photos of unsuspecting people

an animal watching animals?



first bet

divining the winner


winning ticket

Sunday, June 22, 2008

now all i do is sing

a.m. is now in town & livin!: one thing i learned in pittsburgh & passed on to an other: how to pour the cats-up!

silhouettes more proper than the picture: to all & all a good night: or afternoon

carrot cake made by a.m.: first try in a new place: better than best!

homemade pasta sauce: imagine: grim reaper on the other side?: click on this photo to enlarge & look at our cute feet touching

helping a.m. move with a perfect set of bowls from portugal: moving is hard!

a golden chair in the comfort of a black bed behind an old building: my rig still rousts up the best of 'em

so close to being so far away: peshaw!

a.m. crying: from happiness i hope

margo may-berry: 1st cat ever in my house: last cat ever: her sitting in such an odd way is enough respite

i'm o.k. with this: a cat on a nice rug that has in it's field a cat that no longer roams the spot of earth where it was woven

k. & mr. m. holding court @ the vista while i am "working"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

rich text

dinner: summer is lop-sided: salad is best these days: & cheaper

eventually i will have all my friends and family posing @ my zoo

an orangutang?!

there is something wrong with this toy: severe depression will set in if i don't get this toy in my stocking next christmas

i'm the strangest person i know, aside from my sister, a.: look at me glow


fly, baby: fly


6 yrs. old, again!

never been so strong

i am a scientist


go big?

compromise @ the greyhound: to go or to stay?

there is more than...

jumping @ the ministry

Monday, June 16, 2008

in practice, in reality

these packages from udp make me feel like it's my birthday once a month

today i received a letter from barack: he's so cool he doesn't even need a return address: so i filled the rest in for him

some magnificent mail

a. matched this hallway perfectly: these are the softest stairs in boise

lunch with a. at our usual place

a bird lost its wing: i lost mine years ago

beginning of car show

though not partial to red, this was, by far my favorite of the day

car show in downtown boise: it took up 2 cross streets

yet another poor child with misguided parents: if the boy on the right would have had a leash on then perhaps he wouldn't of broken his arm?

caught this reflection of the idanha creeping across the glass

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i justed skipped it- everything

humpty dumpty: sage advice given objectively

so, the tiger was attacking the gazelle, which is really a small buck, or reindeer: i tried to save it!

record exchange!: this somehow equals me spending money: & not being told i made the wrong choice

yes, a. & e. are wearing masks


american dream?: i said "blog" he said "i'm ready"

p. buying pizzas: shazaam!: i really just like the sign: "you got game": what?

t: fire: cool


k: wildly

@ p.'s house: he's canadian

& this drink: i can't say arnold palmer

a. & s. stopped by the shop: gave birth

contemplation: procrastination

t. & e. got me out of my house: both looking elsewhere